What Is My Clickbank Affiliate ID Getting Started With Your Clickbank Account

What Is My Clickbank Affiliate ID: Getting Started With Your Clickbank Account

What is ClickBank Affiliate ID

ClickBank Affiliate ID, also known as “Affiliate ID,” serves as an alternate term for Account Nickname. Clickbank itself defines the account nickname as follows:It functions as a distinctive identifier, enabling accurate tracking of all transactions; All transactions, whether as a vendor or affiliate, can be precisely linked to your account; It plays a vital role in signaling Clickbank regarding payment destinations.

Selecting an affiliate ID is an integral part of the ClickBank account signup process. This unique identifier allows for precise tracking of all transactions associated with your account, whether you’re a seller or affiliate.

Important note: Once you have chosen an account nickname, it can not be changed.

ClickBank is a global e-commerce platform and affiliate marketplace, founded in 1998. The company has more than six million clients worldwide, which secured it in becoming the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America.

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Other Alternate Terms

Other alternative terms that refer to the same concept as an “Account Nickname” include the following outdated or evolved terms: ClickBank ID, CBID, Vendor ID

These terms serve the same purpose and function as an identifier for your ClickBank account, allowing for accurate tracking of transactions and signaling payment destinations.

ClickBank Affiliate ID Utilizations

  1. Signing In :

The ClickBank Affiliate ID serves as a crucial login credential for affiliates. It is prominently displayed on the topmost horizontal navigation bar, ensuring easy access to the account. Affiliates can quickly identify themselves and gain entry to their account by using their unique ClickBank Affiliate ID. This allows them to manage their affiliate activities, track performance, and access important account information. The presence of the ClickBank Affiliate ID on the “My Account” page and various other locations throughout the user interface provides a consistent and convenient reference for affiliates.

  1. Sales Materials:

The ClickBank Affiliate ID plays a vital role in sales materials. It is integrated into payment links and encrypted HopLinks, which are visible to customers during product sales. By incorporating the ClickBank Affiliate ID into these links, affiliates ensure accurate tracking of transactions associated with their account. This not only helps affiliates monitor their sales and commissions but also provides transparency to customers regarding the source of the promotion. Additionally, the ClickBank Affiliate ID appears on the memo line of the check issued by ClickBank, making it easier for affiliates to identify their payments.

Clickbank ID Classifications

  1. The Authoritative Affiliate: Usernames falling under this classification are typically based on first names, last names, or a combination of both. By incorporating real names, these usernames exude a sense of authority, professionalism, and credibility. They establish a personal connection with customers and create a trustworthy image for the affiliate.
  2. The Benefical Affiliate: Usernames belonging to this category are derived from nickname variations that highlight the enriched benefits associated with the affiliate’s offerings. While these usernames don’t provide specific advantages in terms of functionality, they contribute to the overall appeal of the account. These creative and engaging usernames capture the attention of potential customers and convey the value and benefits of the affiliate’s products or services.
  3. The Random Affiliate: Usernames falling into this classification are characterized by their randomness. They lack any discernible pattern or logical connection, which adds a sense of uniqueness and individuality to the account. These usernames reflect the creativity and originality of the affiliate, making their account stand out among others. The random usernames spark curiosity and intrigue, piquing the interest of potential customers.


What is a primary (or Master) account?

A ClickBank primary or “Master” account refers to the central account that enables users to efficiently oversee multiple Nickname Accounts, facilitating the management of their daily operations. This main account serves as the cornerstone of ClickBank’s system, evolving over time through valuable input and feedback from its users. By utilizing the primary account, ClickBank users gain enhanced control and flexibility in handling various aspects of their business. It empowers them to streamline their operations, optimize performance, and seize opportunities for growth and success. The primary account embodies ClickBank’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its users and supporting their endeavors in the online marketplace.

How do ClickBank accounts work?

The ClickBank Nickname Account, also known as an account nickname, serves as a repository for all payments, sales, and offers data associated with a specific account. Sellers and affiliates have different ways of utilizing this account.

For sellers, the account enables them to submit products, manage shipping profiles, construct offers, set and adjust commission rates, and monitor analytics for individual accounts. Additionally, sellers can update their payment methods and preferences through this account.

Affiliates, on the other hand, access information regarding commission groups and rates, analytics for individual accounts, as well as their payment methods and preferences.

If you happen to be a seller or affiliate with multiple ClickBank accounts, it is advantageous to link them to your primary account. This consolidation provides a more streamlined approach to managing your accounts, facilitating efficient operations and ensuring optimal utilization of resources.

What are the functions of the primary account?

The primary ClickBank Account serves as the gateway to all nickname accounts, accessible through the account nickname. For users who created a ClickBank Account before October 2019, their nickname account may not necessarily be accessed through the primary ClickBank Account. Previously, there was no integrated method to link and access all sales accounts through a primary ClickBank account.

The introduction of the primary account has provided ClickBank Clients with a comprehensive range of new features tailored for brand and client scalability. These features encompass multi-account data, team-member permissions and roles, as well as the capability to manage customer service requests centrally.

While primarily designed for sellers, these features also benefit affiliates by providing a transactional reporting feature that offers a comprehensive overview of their data. While many of these functionalities can be accessed through the individual nickname account, the primary account empowers clients to manage their combined and interconnected accounts from a centralized location within the ClickBank platform.

Please note that the primary ClickBank Account is accessed using an email address, rather than a ClickBank Account Nickname.

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