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We help Publishers to monetize their traffic and Advertisers to acquire new customers. Each client is treated with customized approach


Easy to start
Over 2000 offers to promote
Easy integration
Support 24/7 around the globe
Reliable Tracking
No Fees to receive payment
Clear & Detailed Real-Time Reports


Media planning and buying
Fraud Detection
Various Ad Formats and Traffic Sources
The highest ROI possible
Professional support
No setup fees
Pay on performance

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

In the past few years, affiliate marketing has skyrocketed in social media platforms worldwide, helping businesses, especially e-commerce merchants, put their products and services in…

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Lead of Digital Marketing—-Ben Sapir

Working closely with AFFPLAY, we can not only economic and efficient contact new audiences, and able to track from the initial click until the end of the life cycle of the whole process of user access. In the first six months work, we not only won more than 1000000 qualified only users, and we also can reduce (CPA) overall procurement costs by an average of 25%.

Director of Operations—PWN

AffPlay is simply great when it comes to get some serious ROI from your advertising budget. As an advertiser I can say AP provides clean and profitable traffic and getting campaigns up and running is a matter of no more than few minutes. Well done guys!

CMO—Arthur Galiev

We have been working with AffPlay for the quite a while and I can honestly say that we received some of the most valuable traffic. AffPlay is a first class network with not only great traffic and quality publishers but also really professional staff to work with.

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