What Is Twitch Affiliate

What Happens When You Become A Twitch Affiliate

What Is Twitch Affiliate?

Twitch Affiliate is a program offered by the popular live streaming platform Twitch, which allows content creators to monetize their streams and engage with their audience on a deeper level. It serves as an intermediate step between being a regular streamer and becoming a Twitch Partner.

Once you become a Twitch Affiliate, you gain access to various features and benefits that enhance your streaming experience and enable you to earn revenue from your content.

The Benefits Of Twitch Affiliate

Twitch is a streaming platform and here are some of its advantages:

Monetization: As a Twitch Affiliate, you can start earning revenue from your streams. Subscriptions, bits, and ad revenue can provide you with a source of income. Subscriptions allow viewers to support you directly through monthly payments, while bits are virtual currency viewers can purchase and use to cheer you on during streams.

Video On Demand (VOD) Storage: Affiliates receive increased VOD storage on Twitch, allowing you to save and share your past broadcasts for a longer duration. This can be beneficial for creating highlights, reviewing your own content, or providing on-demand access to your streams for viewers who missed the live broadcast.

Priority Transcoding: Affiliates have higher priority for video transcoding, which enables viewers to adjust the video quality based on their internet connection. This ensures a better viewing experience for your audience, as they can select a quality that suits their needs.

Team Invitations: Affiliates can join or create teams, which are groups of streamers who collaborate and support each other. Being part of a team can help increase your exposure, provide networking opportunities, and allow for cross-promotion with other streamers in your team.

Additional Features: Twitch Affiliates gain access to additional features like stream delay, subscriber-only chat, and more, which can enhance your stream and provide a better experience for your community.

What To Expect When You Become A Twitch Affiliate

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate brings many benefits to streamers as it provides opportunities to monetize their content and interact with the community. Here are some key benefits of becoming a Twitch Affiliate:

Revenue Opportunities

Twitch Affiliates have the ability to earn revenue through various income sources. Streamers can earn income simply by streaming regularly and have the option to accumulate revenue from the sale of games and in-game items. Viewers can choose to subscribe to their channels on a monthly basis, unlocking exclusive perks and emotes. Additionally, viewers can use “Bits” to cheer during streams, and Affiliates receive a portion of the revenue generated from these virtual goods.

Channel Customization

Twitch Affiliates have access to channel customization options, allowing them to personalize their channels and make them more appealing to viewers. They can customize channel layouts, add banners, and create unique emotes and badges for subscribers. This level of customization helps establish a brand identity and visually attract viewers.

Channel Subscriptions

Affiliates can offer different subscription tiers to their viewers, allowing them to choose subscription levels that suit their preferences and budget. Subscribers can enjoy benefits such as ad-free viewing, exclusive emotes, badges, and chat privileges. Subscriptions not only provide recurring income for Affiliates but also cultivate a sense of community and loyalty among subscribers.

Channel Points

Twitch Affiliates can utilize Channel Points, which are loyalty currency that viewers can earn by watching live streams. Affiliates can customize and offer unique rewards to their viewers in exchange for Channel Points, such as highlighting messages, playing requested games, or shouting out during the stream. Channel Points incentivize viewer engagement and create a more interactive and rewarding experience for viewers.

Twitch Support

Twitch provides dedicated support and resources for Affiliates. Affiliates can access educational content, guides, and workshops to help improve their streaming skills, grow their audience, and optimize their channels. They can also participate in the Affiliate community, connecting with other streamers, sharing experiences, and learning from each other.

Progress towards Partnership

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate is often seen as a stepping stone towards becoming a Twitch Partner. The Affiliate program allows streamers to establish themselves, build an audience, and demonstrate their commitment to streaming. As Affiliates meet requirements and milestones, they can better apply for Twitch Partnership, gaining access to more benefits and opportunities.

Requirements To Become A Twitch Affiliate

To become a Twitch Affiliate, you need to meet specific requirements set by Twitch. These requirements ensure that you have a solid foundation and active engagement on the platform. Here are the key requirements:

  1. Stream for at least 500 minutes: Within the past 30 days, you should have streamed a total of at least 500 minutes (or 8 hours and 20 minutes). This demonstrates your commitment to creating regular content for viewers.
  2. Stream on at least 7 different days: You need to have streamed on at least 7 different days within the past 30 days. This requirement encourages consistent streaming and helps establish an active presence on Twitch.
  3. Maintain an average of 3 concurrent viewers: Within the past 30 days, you should have maintained at least 3 viewers per stream. This requirement ensures that you have actively engaged viewers who regularly watch your content.
  4. Have at least 50 followers: Your Twitch channel needs to have at least 50 followers. Followers are users who choose to follow your channel to receive notifications and updates when you go live.

Once you meet these requirements, Twitch will review your channel for eligibility and may send you an invitation to join the Twitch Affiliate program. If you qualify, you will receive a notification on your Twitch dashboard and receive instructions on how to become a Twitch Affiliate via email.


Do Twitch affiliates get paid?

As a Twitch Affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn a share of the revenue generated from video ads played on your channel. This can be an additional source of income in addition to other monetization methods like subscriptions and Bits. The revenue from video ads is based on the number of ad views and ad impressions generated by your channel.

Is it worth becoming a Twitch Affiliate?

Upon achieving affiliate status as a Twitch streamer, you gain access to a range of bonuses that can enhance your ability to entertain your audience in various ways. While these bonuses may not be as crucial as the content you showcase during your stream, they play a significant role in fostering viewer engagement and participation in your video game streaming experience.

What do you get from being a Twitch Affiliate?

The Twitch Affiliate program provides an opportunity for eligible streamers to generate income from their channels while they grow their audience and strive to become Twitch Partners. In this FAQ section, we aim to address commonly asked questions regarding the Affiliate Program, offering detailed information and insights for aspiring and existing Twitch Affiliates.

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