AI Copywriting and Affiliate Marketing Is a Powerful Pair

Are the owner and/or publisher of a website that generates a fair amount of traffic? Affiliate marketing can be an excellent way to start earning passive income. If you have spent any amount of time wandering around the internet, you have probably landed on websites that contain links to buy products or services. Chances are good, that the website does not even make the products. There may even be a disclaimer saying that the person who runs the website uses affiliate marketing and earns a commission when you click on the links. Basically, that person is providing real estate to another company and getting paid to do so! However, it’s time to cut out the middle man and learn more about AI copywriting. Keep reading to learn how it can boost your affiliate marketing website.

Affiliate Marketing Websites

Before you rush into affiliate marketing, the first thing you need is a website that people visit and companies would want to promote their products and services. Building a website so that you can do affiliate marketing will probably result in a mishmash of ad campaigns for multiple companies and no real pull to draw in website traffic. Please do your homework by ensuring that you have an attractive website that companies will want to use for their affiliate marketing. 


AI and the Affiliate Website

There are different ways to get started with affiliate marketing on your website. You could do the copywriting for the various products yourself. It will require a considerable time investment and skills you may not have, or you could use artificial intelligence (AI) to do the hard work for you. AI can be a powerful tool in building up the affiliate marketing part of your website. That way, you can start to generate passive income. 

The AI copywriter already has the copywriting skills because it was programmed that way. Plus, it won’t have to sleep or take breaks like you or other workers. It can generate articles every 10 to 20 minutes, 24 hours a day! Basically, a human copywriter can use the AI tool to create content at a much faster rate than a human working alone. Imagine how much you can start earning with that much affiliate marketing on your website.

Even though AI copywriters don’t have to take breaks, they have some things in common with human copywriters. They use a process known as deep learning, which means they need to be exposed to quality content and good context to learn about the topic they are writing about. If the AI copywriter is exposed to poor content about the subject, the copy will also be poor. When you put garbage in, you get garbage out. However, when you expose the AI copywriter to high-quality content, your copy will be engaging and meaningful to the people who stop by your website.

How can you get started using AI for your affiliate marketing website? Here are some easy steps.

Find an AI Copywriter

There are plenty of services available that provide AI copywriters. Be aware that not all are created equal! Shop around and check customer reviews before you settle in on one. 

Figure Out the Kind of Copy You Want

This step involves deciding what you want out of your affiliate marketing and then determining what will be the best way to pursue it. Do you want to have product descriptions? Or do you want longer articles that provide more information about a product? Before moving on to the next step, you will need to have this in mind.

Provide Context for the AI Copywriter

Remember that when you put garbage in, you get garbage out. You will need to provide the information to the AI copywriter that will allow it to “learn” about the topic it needs to write on. The AI copywriting service you use should provide you with an interface that allows you to select the information the copywriter will need. The more information you can provide, the better the copy and the more satisfied you will be. 

Select the Settings

Who is your target audience? If you are writing copy for kids, you don’t want the tone to be overly formal or the language too difficult. Suppose you are writing copy for professionals. You don’t want the voice to be too laid back, or the readers won’t take your website seriously. AI copywriting services will allow you to select different settings, such as your audience. That can include the gender and age range. There are settings for the tone of the article and the reading level. For example, you can write for a general audience, keep the reading level to about that of an eighth-grader. 

Generate the AI Copy

Once you select all of the parameters for the article, including the context and the settings, the AI copywriter should begin spitting out the copy. Wow, that was much easier than typing the whole thing yourself. Plus, it is cheaper than hiring a person to do the job for you!


Proofread and Edit the AI Copy

Just because a machine-generated copy does not mean that you will be 100% satisfied with the results every time, make sure that you or someone else proofreads the copy before publishing it. If necessary, make some changes using a word processor. Why? To ensure that the content is exactly what you are looking for.


Congratulations! Now you are ready to publish the copy on your website and start reaping the financial rewards of affiliate marketing. Use whatever features are available on your website to print the document. Make sure that however you post the copy, it is user-friendly enough for people to get around without difficulty. No matter how good the composition is, if the website is not user-friendly, people won’t use it.

Now that you have an AI copywriter doing the heavy lifting, you can take care of the other parts of running your business. Congratulations for taking so much of the hard work out of affiliate marketing!

Do you have a copywriter for your website? Is it an AI copywriter? Maybe you still do all the work yourself. Share your thoughts and experiences below.

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