We help Publishers to monetize their traffic and Advertisers to acquire new customers. Each client is treated with customized approach

Competitive Payouts
Unique Platform
Quick Payments
24/7 Availability


We help you find the right target for any type of traffic, providing you tens of verticals and thousands of different campaigns. Our experienced managers will solve any difficulty you might encounter while promoting as well as suggesting you top performing verticals and promotion channels.

Competitive payouts

We are always looking and adjust the payouts to be over the rest of the industry.

Private programs

Besides the mainstream campaigns and programs, we offer you private affiliate programs.

Accurate reports

Our platform is analyzing your traffic and provides comprehensive performance reports.

Smart redirect

Never miss a conversion! Not eligible visitors are sent to the most profitable alternative.

Developer tools

We are able to provide adaptable real-time tools such as OfferWall, API Feed, S2S Postback, etc.

First-rate support

Our team is working 24/7 to answer and fix any issues for you in no time.


Always looking for perfection, we have a portfolio of only top-performing campaigns from major verticals. Because of platform flexibility and our large Publisher number, we are able to drive traffic in no time and customize any new format.
We are open to new affiliate programs and campaigns, if you are interested please get in touch with us and we will find the best solution for your needs.

AffPlay is simply great when it comes to get some serious ROI from your advertising budget. As an advertiser I can say AP provides clean and profitable traffic and getting campaigns up and running is a matter of no more than few minutes. Well done guys!

We have been working with AffPlay for the quite a while and I can honestly say that we received some of the most valuable traffic. AffPlay is a first class network with not only great traffic and quality publishers but also really professional staff to work with.

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